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The iPhone might be upgrading again but this time with a physical keyboard.  The iPhone is known to have a virtual keyboard but may soon resemble the Blackberry. Many iphone users frequently complain about difficulties of dialing or texting on the virtual keyboard and have voiced an interest in pressing physical buttons. I understand their frustrations because my cousin’s phone, although not an iPhone, also has a touch screen keyboard and it confuses me every time I try to text a message to someone. I’m so used to physically pushing the keys that the touch-sensitive keys end up annoying me. It then leads to frustrations and questions such as how hard or sensitive do I need to push the buttons?  Mike Nykoluk, a founder of Mobile Mechatronics, realized the growing nuisances of the touch screen board and decided that the only way that users could get used to it is to install a physical keyboard add-on. Actually it’s interesting to know that the beta testers of the keyboard chose to keep using the physical keyboard over the touch screen board. This new product will be out in markets around November at the price of $30 with an extra $5 shipping charge. Hopefully now iPhone users won’t grow so frustrated to the point of wanting to throw their phone.


iphonekeyboard.190after with physical keyboard add-on?


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September 23, 2009 at 3:38 pm

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