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IX. Internet Piano

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Nowadays, everything can be done through the internet. For example, last year I ended up ordering Dominos pizza through the internet. The internet even allows you to play piano now, too! Yamaha has actually released an Internet piano that connects to the Internet and plays any song that you want it to play. All you have to do is pop a cd in and the computer will recognize the song and bring up the sheet music and will play it for you too! I find this invention to be absolutely ludicrous. Okay, ordering pizza at Domino’s is pretty absurd (not to mention lazy) but having a piano automatically play that Elton John song you listen to all the time is pretty ridiculous. It even shows you exactly what keys to press just in case you wanted to learn the song; the keyboard presses the key down for you. As a former piano player, I’m actually a little offended by this invention. Whatever happened to building muscle memory and actually learning how to read music and play? I feel that because our world is so technologically advanced nowadays, we feel that we need to keep churning out more inventions that “teach” us everything and help make our lives easier. If a piano’s going to play for you, then why bother learning the piano or buying it for that matter since you can probably just find the instrumental piano version to that song on YouTube anyway. This leads to the question of “what’s going to be next for us?” Will we see a new invention of a car driving for us? Will we just use robots and computers for everything in the future? Will we no longer need to learn information because we’ll just have something doing it for us? I fear this all. I fear that our dependency on technology is getting us in too deep. Whatever happened to the good ole days when we used to just learn for fun?

If you want to see this creation, go here for more information.


Written by minjikwon

September 30, 2009 at 3:43 pm

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