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XI. Twitter Search

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In the last entry, I mentioned how important a search bar is to certain individuals because it narrows down the information that they are seeking. Twitter is actually creating an application called Tweethook which is using webhooks to post information to you in real time without requiring you to keep refreshing for new results. Twitter currently does not have a way to send data to a callback URL and it proves to be difficult to archive searches over a long period of time. Twitter’s search engine doesn’t allow you to search beyond 100 pages or 10 days. Tweethook is going to allow users to pull up searches continuously depending on the plan they subscribe to. For example, a user has 5 continuous searches for $6 a month, 10 continuous searches for $12 a month, 25 for $29 a month and so on and so forth. The most anybody could get is the 500 searches for $400 a month plan. I feel that this proves to be extremely useful for companies since they’re always looking for feedback (Krug and Norman both mention the importance of this). The founder,  Chad Etzel, got the idea from a friend who asked to get the Twitter search results on their website without having to constantly look throughout the search archives. Chad Etzel listened to the feedback provided by his friend and decided to actually do something about it. 

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October 7, 2009 at 2:53 pm

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