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XV. Depending too much on technology?

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In this chapter, Saffer discusses the dependence we as humans have developed for technology. We have acquired a soft spot in our hearts for the constant expansion and growth of technology. Technology is accessible to everyone or most people everywhere so we tend to grow addicted to it and its functions; as the years pass, more products and services will utilize technology to their own benefits. It’s already happening around us. For example, you can order Dominos pizza online now which saves some the frustration of calling and placing their order through the phone. Saffer doesn’t only mention product and service advancement with technology but goes on to also mention robots which is machinery that performs a physical task. There are different types of robots for different services such as robot toys for children, cleaning robots, robots that cook etc. All of this dependency on technology and robots frightens me, truthfully. I feel as if we are getting too dependent on technology, computers, the internet etc. I’m afraid that our society is going to end up like I, Robot where robots will soon be integrated as a part of our daily routines  and lives. We’re just cramming all this information into little devices such as iPhones or Blackberrys. What happens if computers, robots, and the internet complete control of our lives? They already have such an impact on the way we go about our day but what happens if we actually start to center our days around these new technologies? Will we no longer be capable of doing normal functions? Will we lose all sense of functioning as a human because a machine can do it all for us? Will we forget how to cook, clean, bathe because there’s an advanced piece of machinery or computer service that can help us do it all? This intrigues me because once we get all the physical deeds such as shopping for groceries, cooking, cleaning etc. out of the way with technology, what will become of our emotional well-being? Will a computer chip tell us how to feel emotions since we’ve become too clingy and dependent on technology?  I’m afraid of getting to this point. Even though I embrace the benefits of increasing technology, I despise the overuse and dependency that’s developed along with it. I’m afraid that soon we will be so dependent on it that we will just eventually morph into the robots.

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December 2, 2009 at 3:44 pm

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